Into an Abyss

by Tuner

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Into an Abyss


released February 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Tuner Mexico City, Mexico

Tuner es una banda de Death Metal Progresivo formada en 2010 originaria de México, Distrito Federal (Ciudad de México).

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Track Name: Golgota
Llegó la hora sagrada
Borré todo a mi paso
Oh mi voz ha enmudecido
Las hojas flotan con el viento

Mi piel se ha destrozado viendo la injusta caída
De un ser que siempre ha estado
En nuestros cerebros

Gritó dentro de sus ojos
Sintió la inmortalidad
¿No volverá al mundo?
¿Cuándo regresará?

Siguió su camino
Con miedo y lleno de frio
¿Cómo es esto posible?
¡qué alguien haga algo ya!

Ha muerto ya
Él y en sus brazos cae el miedo de perder
Una absolución en estos momentos
Quizá no debemos temer

In iudicio est
Redeptio incept
Filium Dei
Tu es rex
Not regnet
Et Gloria.
Track Name: The Tree of Hope
Unable to stop violence
The evil does not have power
A wilted the flower, enduring the pain
Rotten the vine, there will be no more wine

What happens now with a world that cries?
Agony that’s killing my life
Evil calms me, and a fading door
Like the lotus flower

The wrath of a burning bridge
The mask of a strong man
Can be buried alive, with this bad time
That does not let us breathe
Give me a million reasons
For not fighting for my life
The tree of hope

Is far away of home!

The tree of hope
Is alone
By destruction
All of us
Track Name: Soy tu Hogar
Cae el atardecer ¿A dónde has ido?
Muy lejos vi tu amor caer
Ven esta noche antes de que me valla
Deja caer tus lágrimas sobre mí
¿Cómo te puedo convencer para que quieras soñar?
Grita como jamás lo has hecho
Deja salir tu libertad
No temas más, aquí voy a estar perdido en ti
Vi a tus ojos respirar
Entiende que yo soy tu hogar
Nunca es tarde para creer en este ferviente amor
¿Cómo te puedo convencer?
Para que quieras soñar
He visto tus ramas crecer
Sé cómo se mueven cuando me ven
Ven esta noche, escribe tu futuro en mi
Yo voy a estar aquí.
Track Name: I Must Forgive to Forget
A cause to kill what i needed
Tried to have a better life
Pureness in the soul, a peaceful death
Betrayal, a lie that will crush all

Continuous absolving your hate
Only a small sing of repentance will have
You can ignore all lived
She spent a lot of time thinking about herself

It´s time to stop the misery and regain power
Cause this will last forever.
In our dreams, she said do not fence me
I will never go away from you, forgive me
I love you that’s how It was written a fake
Love story
Breaking the entire sky, she looked at him,
He could not resist her sight hell began again
Give me chance to recover you
Words spoke by the love witch, till the same world
Stopped spinning, induced a wind coma, gave his last breath
Another broken promise
Nobody will know that the world cried that night
For him a soul pain will knock your door today
I must forgive to forget
At the end of the world, they belong together.
Track Name: The Last Dream
Motus 1.- Helpless

Today the loneliness almost took me over
Again my soul it’s in pure agony
Knowing that my love dream it’s you
Just one world, just one sky, only them have strange it hand
In lamentation and laceration, i had wanted and I has tried
Leaving rivers and gardens it’s worth it fighting for you

Motus 2.- Confusion

Without precipitation, the silver skull looked to me
With its diamond eyes he called me
Black diamond
Love witch
Dark wizard
With her poison charms, you have promised me a future
With her soul you have defeat me
Sorrow hugs me you’re deep looking, lightning reach me
I am not running away from my troubles I’d love to get confused by you
I have loosed.
Look at the sky because the answer it’s now in your veil

Motus 3.- Promise

That one time you opened furrows on my back
I knew you could come back
Why don’t we speak clearly?
What do you want from me?
I’m still your empty bock
You can write your secrets on me
I´ll be there no Mather your vices
You said you never loved the flowers
I´ll change your fears, my body will be your altar
I will sing with you every night for being your love

Motus 4.- Sad and cry

Today you have denied me, today you have confused me
Is not enough? What should I do? Being the puppet of misery?
You sing in my suicide symphony, suicide

Motus.5.- Wait

Why does faith does not come back to you?
For accomplishing your promise, future doesn´t exist.
I need not just dream, utopia inside me, I need you, in my head, dream complete
Think about this, no more head trips, just move on, future is near together

Motus 6.- Finalmente libre
Desátame de esta confusión
Y libérame de esto hoy
Esto me pasa a todas horas
Mi mano ha sangrado ya
Pues mi corazón se ha liberado
De un llanto eterno
Ya ha sangrado suficiente
La espera valió la pena
La intriga se termina
Finalmente libre, finalmente libre
El futuro es hoy
Track Name: Su Única Amiga
Finalmente lo desperté
El idiota no sabía que estaba soñando
Su propia vida era una mentira
Se lo advertí, cegado por el árbol imaginario
En realidad no hay esperanza
Lo arrastraré a mi


El ingenuo cayó en mi trampa
Lo llené de locura
Ahora él me pertenece
Su alma atada y encadenada

Yo soy su única amiga
Él cayó en mi trampa, mi trampa
Lo haré beber su sangre
Lo hará por su voluntad
Le daré el instrumento
Él mismo será su verdugo
Toma, hará que termine, pero házzlo rápido, así será mejor
Track Name: Into an Abyss Whispers a Song
All the blood my hands must spread
For my actions, please forgive
For sleep and rest at least
Darkness holds my hand

She leads me to my painful end
Death will be the one on the boat
Navigating through the river of lost souls
Full of prayers and whispers

The tree of hope lies death
A morbid long
Only existing on forgiveness

Dentro de un abismo susurra un canto
Házme morir
El ataúd blanco despide mi llanto
Entre sus flores y un manto

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